GoPro 8 Sleeve+Lanyard Orange เคสซิลิโคน สีส้ม

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GoPro Sleeve+Lanyard For Gopro hero 8 Black (เคส + สายคล้อง สำหรับ GOPRO HERO 8 BLACK) เคสซิลิโคนกันกระแทก ของโกโปรแท้
Personalize your HERO8 Black with this premium silicone sleeve. Wear your GoPro around your neck with the sleeve and lanyard, or mount your camera with the sleeve on. Perfect for protection from scratches while on the go.
The adjustable lanyard keeps your GoPro ready for action—great for wearing around your neck or attaching to your gear
Mount your camera with the sleeve on, and protect it from scratches without adding extra bulk
Comes in a variety of colors to personalize your GoPro
Allows access to camera buttons, folding fingers, and front and rear screens
Warning: Using the lanyard improperly may result in injury. Don’t tie or alter it in any way.