TELESIN NEW 3m รุ่นใหม่ ยืดได้หลายระดับ Super Long Carbon Fiber Adjustable Selfie Stick

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TELESIN รุ่นใหม่ ยืดได้หลายระดับ NEW 3m Super Long Carbon Fiber Adjustable Selfie Stick ไม้เซลฟี่สำหรับกล้อง GoPro / SJCAM / Xiaomi Yi / Osmo ยาว 3 เมตร
1.3 Meter selfie stick, see the world from a different height.
2.High quality, carbon fiber material, lighter and stronger.
3.Multi-location rings,Six lengths can be adjusted, 3M (44cm,100cm,135cm,190cm,220cm,300cm)
4.1/4 screw holes are provided at the bottom, you can install a selfie stick on any 1/4 port tripod.
5.Self-contained adapters at the top, detachable, and has 1/4” standard camera screw connector.
6.Don’t go straight to retract the selfie stick, rotate for recovery.

3M Selfie Stick
3.Material:Carbon fiber+aerospace aluminium alloy

Package List
1x selfie stick
1x long screw