The Remote (HERO9/8/MAX)

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The Remote (HERO9 Black | HERO8 Black | MAX)

  • Waterproof, wearable, and mountable, The Remote is made tough for any adventure. It uses Bluetooth® Low Energy for maximum battery life and easy pairing with your camera. The large high-resolution display lets you check your camera’s status with a quick glance. Glove-friendly, tactile buttons make a recording, changing presets, and switching camera functions a snap. Includes a handy wrist strap that also lets you attach The Remote to your gear.
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy improves the battery life of both The Remote and the camera that it’s connected to while also improving pairing over previous GoPro remotes1
  • The large high-resolution screen makes it easy to check camera status
  • Large tactile buttons give you easy control of camera functions
  • The rugged design is wearable, mountable, and waterproof to 16ft (5m)2
  • Range up to 196ft (60m) in optimal conditions
  • Controls up to 5 cameras at a time
  • Includes a convenient wrist strap that also lets you attach The Remote to grips, handlebars, and gear

1Compared to GoPro Smart Remote.
2The Remote loses functionality when submerged in water.